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Declarations For Guild Presidency Begins At Makerere University ahead of July Elections



Semester 2 of most public Universities is not only coupled with Academics like other semesters of the Academic Year. It is one in which candidates interested in various political positions declare their intention to contest and serve the rest of the students’ community.

At Makerere University, the new semester will commence on 30th May, 2022 as stated by the Dean of Students. This early birding has nothing to do with their overwhelming passion for the classroom but rather, a key strategy for contestants to winning the forthcoming elections amidst a tough political environment.
Candidates for Guild Presidency and Guild Council Representation have already declared their intention to contest and are trying all means possible to convince the seemingly anxious students who are ready to vote in a better Guild Government. So far, about 10 students are interested in the top seat and are willing to do all it takes to attain it.

The only female student in the Guild Presidential race who happens to be the current Deputy Prime Minister Mesa Namirembe Blessious of the 10th Students aspiring for guild Presidency under Democratic party ticket

Prominent candidates include Calvin Mwesigwa 87th GRC Mitchell hall and 87th Guild health Minister running under NUP ticket, Justus Tukamushaba 87th GRC from the School of Built Eniviroment running under FDC ticket and Hussein lbra 87th GRC Lumumba hall running under NRM ticket. Bungo Patrick who is popular among residential students for organizing house parties and travel trips is also coming under FDC ticket.
Bbosa Edwin ,the current GRC law school and 87th Constitutional and legal Minister is also interested in the seat runing under the NUP ticket. Katushabe Kenneth from the School of Education running under NUP ticket and Mpiirwomugisha Ntendeere Isaiah also interested in the position running under ANT ticket and are prominent among students.

Other candidates have declared their presidency, but however, these have not put in much effort to publicize their candidature. More contestants are expected to declare their intention to stand very soon.
The electoral process will go through various stages such as Nominations, Guild Presidential Manifesto launch, Guild Presidential Debates among other activities. Candidates are also allowed to pin posters around Campus and campaign at their own time of convenience. Voting will take place in july and the Guild Government will swear in and assume stewardship immediately.

Comment whom do you think is suitable for the guild position ahead of July elections?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Adrati Bill

    May 16, 2022 at 11:42 pm

    Bbosa Price Edrine is the current GRC for Nkrumah hall not Law school. It’s the 87th Minister for Justice and Constitutional affairs.

    It’s a good piece, eye opener and may the most competent candidate win.

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