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Exclusive Interview With Isaiah Mpiirwomugisha Ntendeere The Ant Party Chairman Makerere Chapter Who is Aspiring For Guild Presidency Makerere University



My my name is Isaiah Ntendeere Mpiirwomugisha third year student of land Economics. Am the current Chairman ANT Makerere Chapter. I also serve as the President Transition African Youth lead Nonprofit Organization trading issues related to climate Africa change. I was a former Mp aspirant for Buhwegu west consistency 2021 general elections under ANT card.

Djcampus: How is your academic stand?
Isaiah: l finished my primary from st Anita primary school from mbarara where l managed with 6 aggregates. I made it to Ntare for my secondary from s1-s6. In my A-level l had to be among the best performers which gave me direct entry to Makerere University and currently am in my third year pursuing Bachelor’s in Land Economics.

Djcampus: What inspired to stand for Guild Presidency?
Isaiah: Need to serve the interests of students on issues of tuition increament, food, poverty among the students,poor health systems and poor accountability in Guild house and the entire Guild University system. Over years Makerere University has faced the challenge of poor leadership witnessed by things like corruption by Guild leadership. As a person who believes in the value based leadership and who as well governed ideologically. I think am the best candidate who can redirect the leadership of Makerere University.

Djcampus: What plans do you have students incase you are voted as their Guild President?
Isaiah: first of all am the Guild President Makerere University to be in june. Together with my cabinet and other leaders , l will try our level best through policy making to make sure the white collar jobs are taken by students like carpentary so that they can earn some money to sustain their today campus expenses in the long run to reduce issues like food poverty among students.

Djcampus: What makes you trick for this position?
Isaiah: To serve the interests of students and not for the interests of Makerere University administration . To contribute towards development of Makerere society and nation at large .Remember our motto says Build for the future and this is the right time to Build for the future invasion as young leaders.

Djcampus: What challenges have you faced, experienced ?
Isaiah: formerly l have experienced poor accountability by the Former regime. In my government l will try my level best to ensure proper accountability in University resources. We shall also advocate for equity amongst students in the University.

Djcampus: In your opinion give your remarks to the current leadership
Isaiah: l extend my gratitude to the current leadership for fighting for the interests of students through saying no blending learning system and well l give a credit to HE.Shamim Nambassa and her cabinet for the trust students fund. However alot needs to be done in issues rethinking to accountability guild resources

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