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Exclusive Interview With Namirembe Blessious Deputy Prime Minister Mesa Who is Aspring For Guild Presidency Makerere University



Namiirembe Blessious narrated her story and the plans to transform the students community as she intents to declare her candidature soon

Namiirembe: My name is Namiirembe Blessious,I am a Ugandan by nationality currently pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree of éducation in science at Makerere University
I am an outgoing person who is passionate about what I do all the time.
Am thé deputy prime Minister MESA school of éducation

Djcampus: How is your academic status?
Namiirembe: I am currently at Makerere University pursuing my bachelor’s degree of éducation in science .
I have achieved and learnt a lot by the grace of God, and my performance have been positively progressive.

Djcampus: Why are you aspiring for politics nevertheless Guild President?
Namiirembe:  I have a vision that does not just look at addressing students challenges. I am looking at creating bigger opportunities for the students and these things are possible. In a nut shell, I plan to create better social capital for the student body at large, scholarship opportunities, revision of certain policies that do not only favour the students but administrators too, accountability- students ought to get value for their money. Once am entrusted with the position of Guild Président- Makerere with the commitment I am mandated to deliver. Students have heard this before, over a million times, but what’s the difference? There has never been a candidate for a leadership position with so much experience and such a successful track record of working with the Guild. I have worked tirelessly supporting students the last one year and I’m not going to stop any time

Djcampus: What plans do you have as a leader to transform the students’ community?
Namiirembe:  I want my team to help students build their social capital, most of them come to campus just to study. But the question is, how do you leave campus? Students ought to be included in the decision-making process because they are the greatest stakeholders. I am looking at building students’ talents, creating a certain type of home away from home for international students and a unified university for all the different courses. My slogan is, “Unity in diversity” which literally means that amidst our different cultures, tribes and backgrounds, we ought to come together as one .

Djcampus: What makes you tick for this position?
Namiirembe: I am an outgoing person one determined to achieve results and leave a certain type of legacy that students have dreamt of from student leaders. I have the experience needed for this position, I have served before and I have delivered. With this, I believe I am the best candidate.

Djcampus: Challenges observed in youth leadership?
Namiirembe: Most youth leaders easily get compromised after they are given money and rather satisfy their own interests. This un

Djcampus: In your opinion, how can they be solved?
Namiirembe: I would say that leaders ought to first understand that their integrity comes first in all that they do and they should aim at respecting it whatever the cost may be. They should understand that these things they are greedy about are temporary but a legacy you leave behind is forever.

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