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The trick behind the trending video of a man that was bewitched and turned into a cow



Well, about four days ago, there has been a video trending on social media about a man who was bewitched and turned into a cow having slept with another man’s wife. Most people have believed this; having in mind that Africa is a source of witchcraft.
After having a critical look at this video several times, I have declared this a scam beyond reasonable doubt and I believe most of you will be at logger heads with me after reading this write up.


This trick was probably performed after a combination of five people in the video; four men and one lady, that is to say the cow man and the other four people numbered with 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the picture.

Why I say it is a scam.
First and foremost, if he was bewitched to become a cow, how come he didn’t turn into a whole cow but it is only the legs and tail that are of a cow? That was the first mistake these people did cow a cow has four legs and perhaps his arms would have also turned into cow legs for uniformity, and maybe grow some horns, or develop a skin like that of a cow, but non of these took place which made me think it was just a performed trick.

But then the other question is, how could he develop the cow legs coz they seem real?
As a person who has ever stayed near a river bank, there is a game we used to play and burry legs in the sand starting from the knees downwards. This is the trick they used too. You can clarify this by watching the video critically where the cow leg joins the human body. You observe that there are three distinct colours; that of the cow leg, the man’s skin and some other. This other colour must have been from something smeared on the joint between the knee and the cow leg to make it difficult for someone to see the counterfeit joining of the two. You can also observe that those in the video that tend to touch the cow leg don’t actually shake it coz they would spoil the trick. In the same lane the three men in the white caps seemed to be part of the trick coz they also always moving around the cow man asking pretending to be asking some questions to make the trick more real, and as well prevent other people from touching the cow legs coz that could spoil the trick as well.

The great question now comes on the tail coz it is seen shaking.
These people had played it well not until one of them spoilt the game. When the tail is shaking, there is a guy in a white cap that has an orange visor, squatting approximately two meters on the left of the cow man and he is pulling something that he is controlling with his two hands. This must have been a thin hard string (metallic like that of a guitar) that wasn’t easy to see unless given keen attention, hard enough to pull and push back the tail thus making the movement of the tail seem real. In addition you can as well see that the middle of the switch (end section of the tail) seems to be tied and I believe that’s where the string was attached to the tail.

Another question would arise, that, how people the people around didn’t discover the trick after sometime maybe when the mud covering the joining of the cow leg and human leg dried? Or how did he get away from there?
As we all know that the witchcraft business is a trending one in Africa, there is a possibility that all the people in the video were part of the trick and after shooting the video, they all turned to their normal way of life, just like movie actors and actresses.
On the other hand, as I said before that this trick must have been performed by five people, and maybe marketing some witch doctor. This witch doctor could have been called for rescue in the end. And when he came, he could have told the crowd that to cast this spell, he didn’t need to see any of the members around (or even he could have said he needed a few witnesses and the trick team could solicit volunteers amongst themselves). He could have maybe told them that the ritual was to be performed in the night, after gazetting the place where the cow man sat. Then went ahead to dismantle the cow legs, remove the man’s legs from the ground, cover the wholes , and then organise the soil again and the trick was done.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Gerald Baguma Maseraka

    May 14, 2022 at 10:56 pm

    Most people still believe such fake tricks irrespective of the digital migration that has occurred

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