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Natukunda Sylvia The Nrm Sponsored Candidate Accused of ballot stuffing at Ndejje University Guild Elections



Ndejje University on Friday kicked off elections as students in various faculties turned up to vote for their favorite Guild President .

However, chaos erupted at the campus when bitter voters took matters in their own hands after realizing that a one Guild Presidential candidate participated in ballot stuffing which pissed off students to over react.The chaos was later followed by pictures of torn ballot papers circulating on various social media platforms.

The election which featured four strong candidates kicked off at around 9:00am with a low turn up but voters gradually increased towards the climax of the election at 3pm.

The calm, anxious students were shocked at the vote counting moment when they witnessed that some ballot boxes contained ballots bearing false signatures of the polling agents and others with no signatures at all in favour of Nrm sponsored candidate

This confirmed the suspected ballot stuffing and inclusion of non-students in the voters’ register, an incident that made candidates’ agents go wild.

Reports have emerged that the election process will be resumed today Saturday, for the final cap
But students have vowed to die as long as today’s guild final elections are interrupted by state apparatus

Will Natukunda sylvia survive the hunger of students who are not pleased with what was done yesterday. Some rumors say that the state is threatening the EC to announce Natukunda sylvia ahead of today’s battle field finals.

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