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Bebe cool officially endorses cindy for UMA presidency



Moses Ssali aka Bebe cool  hold a press conference at his home in Kiwatule, where he officially endorsed Cindy Sanyu aka the king her self for the UMA (Uganda Musicians Association) president.

Bebe cool said that after having a conversation with cindy,he realized that she is a visionary leader.
“The reason why am supporting the King herself it’s the same reason am supporting Museveni because,I am looking for capability not Just fun for the industry, Being a president involves constant lobbying, interacting with the different stakeholders that include government. We need a president who can speak English.”Bebe cool Said.
“A part from Cindy,I don’t see any capable leader to take UMA ahead.Aperson who never reached senior six can’t lead UMA (describing king Saha).Cindy is the incumbent, she is the right person to continue in office so as to accomplish and consolidate UMA goals because she has done an incredible job and UMA is recognised by all the important stakeholders in the country. Ugandan Musicians must give her the mandate to accomplish the job she started.” Bebe cool continues.
Bebe cool at first endorsed Maurice Kirya before Maurice withdraw.Later on another candidate known as Ramathan Mutebi aka Lord Bitemu picked the nomination forms and bebe thinks Mutebi doesnt stand any chance.

Todate,the competition of the UMA presidency is between King Saha and Cindy however Bebe cool stated that if Cindy fails,UMA will face challenges than before because of the failure musicians to vote for the right person.


It’s also remembered that HE Bobi wine and Sheebah are among the artists who endorsed King Saha officially.

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