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Animals from Queen Elizabeth national Park attacks residents in kanungu district



Cases have been registered in kanungu district where wild animals have ruined plantations and killed domestic animals such as goats,cows,sheep, rabbits among others of the villagers living near the park.
The national park is one of the tourism destinations in the country hence bringing employment to the natives but it has also brought fright and fear among the people.
Several residents have been narrating how wild animals like lions and snakes from the park attack their animals like goats and cows while the big animals like elephants break into their farms and destroy all their plantations.
Some natives say that the attacks on the locals shall continue unless the national park decides to demarcate it’s territory with an electric fence.
Therefore they called upon the Uganda wild life authority to respond quickly because their life is in fear. The Uganda wild life authority is abody responsible for all wild life in Uganda and it’s not only in Queen Elizabeth that similar cases have been registered.

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