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Uganda: MPS wants salary increment amidst escalating prices of commodities



Uganda is among the top countries where members of parliament’s earning are high and also unnecessarily big with the current parliament having over 527 MPs.
Mps earn more those in European Union yet 20% of their budget are funded by European countries.The MPs earn 35,000,000 Uganda shillings, equivalent to (Euros)€8,427. That is far higher than what is paid to most European countries’ MPs, including Uganda’s major funding countries like the Germany, Uk,Sweden, Netherlands, Norway,Ireland excetra.
In Africa Larger economies, Mp earn less like in Tanzania,Egypt, Ethiopia Algeria, and Angola.

At the beginning of every new 5year term, every member of parliament, regardless of whether he has been re-elected or no is given 200,000,000 shillings, ( €48,157)to buy a new vehicle.

Sadly!,Money paid to MPs is gotten from national coffers after over squeezing citizens through high taxes, especially on fuel, alcoholic drinks, cars and luxury goods.some Mps takes the previlage to enjoy the tax payers money yet they are not delivering the opinions of the people who elected them to the floor of the parliment.
In addition, a good number of MPs cannot even speak in parliament given afactor that English is the country’s official language and these are poor in the English language while others rarely attend parliamentary sessions.

A member of parliament earns 70 times more than a primary teacher in Uganda who earns 500,000 monthly which is unfair.
Amidst the escalating prices of commodities,some MPs wanted to use the authority that they are given by the country’s Constitution to increase their own salaries yet the fellow citizens are suffering.
An mp was asked why give them extraordinary salary,he replied,”representing people in parliament are seen by local people as multibillion. We are stressed by people who beg for money. we are stressed by the people we represent. You find it that out of 800 phone calls from voters, 795 are asking for money and people in Uganda see politics as abig source of employment.”
However,Some blame the government for the  failure to develop a mechanism to educate the public about the fact that an MP’s job is to connect with the parliament and make laws, not to give away money so that the illiterate and literate Ugandans can understand.


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