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UCC warns the public to be vigilant about fraudsters”abafere”



UCC warns the public to be vigilant about fraudsters”corn men
The Uganda communication commission ( UCC) acting Head of Public and International Relations, Rebecca Mukite has urged all Ugandans to be more vigilant following increased levels of transaction fraud in the country perpetrated by fraudsters commonly referred to as ‘bafere’ who are all over the country.
These fraud stars have been calling people and claiming to be UCC’ staff seeking to upgrade or verify user’s simcards.The victims have been asked to provide information about them including their mobile money pin numbers which the fraudsters use to fraudulently transact money off the victims’ mobile money accounts.
The fraudsters also call victims asking for forms of verification or upgrade with an intent of accessing the unsuspecting victims’ personal information.
Mukite emphasized that UCC NEVER calls consumers for any reason and when aperson is in doubt, he/she should call our tollfree line 0800 222 777.

Mukite also added that members of public that should they receive any such call, they should hang up immediately so that they do not give the mufere a chance to manipulate them through engagement.
“Never give out your pin and OTP to anyone for whatever reason. Do NOT and NEVER enter any verification codes. Anyone who calls you on matters pertaining to your simcard verification and or upgrading is a mufere.” Mukite warned
She concluded,”As part of the plan to curb the vice, UCC and telecom operators are undertaking massive and continuous public awareness to encourage vigilance and avoid falling prey.”
There are more than 17 cases which are under investigation, so as a Ugandan,it’s upon you to take the advice for your money safety.

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