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Mandu Mandwa Elijah: Soon to be written in history



The students in Uganda put down the ever worst dictatorial regime that befell their motherland in 1986 after their parents and grandparents being decieved by general Museveni.

Weare the CHANGE we Badly need. You either Join us or clear our way. History has been clear, No freedom comes to those who cry but it comes to those who are willing to fight for it.

Amidst the hiking prices of commodities, Poor and expensive education system, arrogance of the regime, extravagant use of the tax payers money, police brutality among other prejudices.

We shall no longer be silent, Not that we don’t want to be silent but we have been silent enough but you have provoked our voices. We are now speaking in the name of CHANGE.

MANDU MANDWA ELIJAH kyambogo University NUP People’s president

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