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Interesting: Ronald Mayinja turns against Museveni



Ronald Mayinja last year during 2021 campaigns released asong tittled “Akalulu Kako Mzee (the vote is yours old man) which became the 2021 campaign theme song for the NRM presidential candidate in which he asked the public to vote for President Museveni.

The singer has now stormed the studios in what seems a U-turn to compose another song asking that Museveni should leave power.

In the new song dubbed ‘Abantu Baaganye’, Mayinja now claims that he has been traversing the country to preach the Museveni gospel but he has been met with resistance and hatred.
Mayinja sang,“I used to be a good supporter, and have been travelling around to preach your message but the people have refused, to be certain they have refused they also hated me for it. I ask you mzee to find ways to leaving power because they have said they want another leader,”
Mayinja said that people are tired of hospitals without drugs and roads that are for just a few people. He adds that Ugandans are suffering in abject poverty and some have had to run abroad for survival in harsh environments in mid-east.

It’s remembered that in December 2020, Mayinja released a song in which he lavished praise on Museveni, citing that he has been better than all presidents including Obote and Amin.
However it’s yet not known whether he will join FDC or or return to NUP where he was before.

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