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Kyambogo student that lost tuition to a betting company finally liberated



Julius Osuta, the Kyambogo student who had gambled his school fees is now feeling blissful after being liberated by the Zombo women MP, Hon Afoyochan. He will be sitting his end of semester exams come 25th this month.

Osuta said his father sent him the tuition balance of shs. 600,000 via mobile money. But this money was not enough because he had to clear the university fees, electricity bill, and in addition purchase other necessities to take him through the remaining period of the semester. Having all that in mind, he thought betting was the only way to multiply the money given to him so as to cater for all the bills with convenience which was the irony coz he lost even the little he had been given instead. When he told his father about the story, he was so angry and Osuta thought he was going to be severely punished thus resorting to taking off.

The young boy’s academic future had started staggering not until the Zombe Women MP intervened to clear all the expenses such that Osuta could continue with his academics.
Thanks to Hon. Afoyochan for that kind spirit and whoever has taken part in the rescue of Kyambogo’s Osuta

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