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Health tip: Why you should not insist on a particular form of medicine? – Dr Lutoti Stephen aka Mr Elocof



Some people insist on a particular dosage form because they don’t understand the reasons why medicines are presented in different forms. You hear them say for me injection works better for me than others. This is erroneous thinking. The following are the reasons for different dosage forms:

✓ To help improve on the drug size so as to ensure accurate dosing.

✓To provide placement of drugs directly in the bloodstream or body tissues e.g. Injections there improving bioavailability ( proportion of amount of drug administered that reaches blood in it’s un changed form) .

✓To minimize the odor, unpleasant salty or bitter taste and colors so as to improve patient’s compliance . Forexample Capsules and flavored syrups.

✓To protect the drug substance from the destructive influences of atmospheric oxygen or humidity especially for coated tablets and sealed ampoules.

✓To protect the drug substance from the destructive influences of gastric acid after oral administration a case of Enteric-coated. These helps improve absorption and bioavailability of the drug.

✓ To provide liquid preparations of substances that is either insoluble or unstable in the desired vehicle a case of Suspension.

✓ To minimize on the drugs side effects.

✓To suit the site of the disease or infection thereby improving on the drugs administration within the body tissues E.g. insertion of drugs into body cavities (rectal, vaginal)

✓ To help provide sustained and rate controlled drug actions hence the Sustained release medications.

Please do not insist on particular form of medicine. Let your health worker guide you. Further more, healthworkers should counsel patients. Please don’t shout at the client or care taker because they are insisting on a particular dosage form.

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