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IUIU-KC students sets to unveil Kajubi Ashiraf as their Official Guild President ahead of May Polls



Weeks back a group of IUIU students had a plan to hold a prèss conférence in initiating Kajubi Ashiraf BPA year student as thé new Guild Président to thé public

Kajubi Ashiraf has been getting endorsements from students association, students leadership committee, faculties, Hostels and public.
Most students seconded him as the new face of IUIU-KC

IUIU-KC is trying hard to make sure guild elections are held in late May as the election roadmap is yet to be released soon After shura committe vets thé candidates

One student who is à mass communication student whispered to our scoop and mentioned one statement that Kajubi Ashraf will remain in the history of IUIU politics ” l have seen him as competent leader of vigour among all aspirants in the race”. Kajubi Ashraf is a true definition of a leader with all the women support as well as the men support of which everyone has witnessed .

Kajubi Ashraf is a true generational leader and if given the opportunity IUIU-KC will never regret.

Some students from management faculty have vowed to aspire and promise undying support for him ln a series of posts on his social media handles, Kajubi Ashraf announced that he will be running for the position of Guild President on several occasions.

This struggle is always a work in progress,” Kajubi Ashraf said.
he added, “The task before us is an uphill one, but the power of our resolve will be the steam that gets our train moving. In the coming days, I will share broadly about this noble aspiration and what I have in plan for us all.” said Kajubi Ashraf during the exclusive interview held with our reporter at the Campus

Kajubi Ashraf is now the outstanding leader who has got massive support from students with his famous slogan called” Serving Value with integrity”

Kajubi Ashraf is the Man to watch in May Polls

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