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swangz avenue unveils new artist



swangz avenue has unveiled new artist known as Josephine Nakyoonyi.
This came after the succes of Azawi, Vinka, and Winnie Nwagi’s music careers.

Josephine aka Zafaran signed the contract in presence of her lawyers and Swangz lawyers however the contract have not been disclosed but it’s believed to be long-term.
During the the signing, there’s a teaser of what is believed to be her song playing in the background even though there are no details about music releases yet.
Swangz avenue have so far signed four artist whom have all been successful.
According to our source, before signing the contract, Zafaran has been under training for several months. She backed up musicians to King Saha and Chameleone during the just concluded Tusker Malt Conversessions.

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