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No more event at makerere university



Makerere University cannot tolerate the incessant culture of violence that characterizes students’ social activities lately, particularly the fresher’s ball, Bazaars and Porridge nights. Management resolved that the fresher’s ball, Bazaars and Porridge nights are suspended indefinitely and these activities shall no longer be permitted at the university until further notice” The letter reads in part.
eddy kenzo who led the musicians that performed at the freshers ball event and many had fun until the fun turned into flying bottles.

It started when students standing on the eastern side of the stage threw bottles at other attendees just as Kenzo introduced Fik Fameica to perform.

While bottles flew, students eere also fighting to have flags of their halls of residence flown on stage. Lumumba hall tried to dominate this and that didn’t rhyme well with other halls hence causing a scuffle on stage.

This ended in a fight to see which hall takes it home, however, the police intervened to make sure it goes nowhere.

To calm down the crowd of students that had turned into a mob, police shot bullets and teargas. This sent the Bug Talent Superstar Eddy Kenzo into hiding.

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