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Tear gas at MUST: Over 20 students arrested and others injured



Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) students have conducted a strike today over unfair conditions at the university.

The strike started with Engineering students at Kihumuro campus where they raised issues on the bushes around their lecture rooms and halls of residence, poor quality food given to students at kihumuro by the current service providers,delayed release of both guild funds and allowances for students who are on school practice among others.

The police revealed that over Over 20 students were arrested and detained at Mbarara Police station custody and other students are nursing wounds at Mbarara regional referral hospital.
The emergency ward had over 6 students who sustained nasty injuries due to teargas and rubber bullets used by the police.

As police was calming down the students at Kihumuro, another strike started in town which prompted the police to use teargas and fire bullets in the air to disperse the striking students.

Later on the situation was calmed down and students were advised by the police to go back to their respective hall of residents and hostels.

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