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Mbaziira John the NUP outgoing guild president finally destroys it for NUP in Kyambogo, FDC’s Tumwine Serge wins.



The recently concluded guild elections in Kyambogo University that have been confronted with competition and confusion have finally not went good for the dominant national unity platform.

This all started when a one NUP/People power endorsed candidate Mbaziira John in 2019/2020 elections went greedy and decided to fight his party with his own ambitions. From trusted sources Mbaziira John was bribed by the state to execute a project called people power in Kyambogo University.

This project was mainly to end NUP dominance in Kyambogo University, that made Mbaziira to bring his own candidate Ssekanjako Masuudi to act as the guild president aspirant in this project. The deal was to divide NUP supporters in Kyambogo and make a win for the other candidates.

Though Mbaziira always denied these allegations, the truth has been finally projected. But this loss has not made the NUP kyambogo chapter to loose hope,they have vowed to unite what Mbaziira separated.

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