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NUP is People power don’t let imposters divide us, Chairman Nyanzi appeals to Kyambogo students.



On the presidential debate dominated by the NUP candidate Mandu Mandwa Elijah that recently happened in Kyambogo University where guild presidents had to present their manifestos and also answer questions from the stakeholders of kyambogo university, is where chairman Nyanzi appealed to the students of the mighty Banda based university not to be divided by imposters calling themselves people power because People power is a movement of the national unity platform.

In this engagement that stormed Kyambogo university and the Banda community, the chairman also advised the NUP/people power fraternity in kyambogo to be solid because the state is working its best to tear down the NUP party especially using the young generation.

He finally ended his speech by endorsing Mandu Mandwa Elijah who is the official NUP flag bearer in Kyambogo university for the 18th guild president.

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