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Kyambogo University: Mandu Mandwa Elijah declared official NUP flag bearer



In a college vote which was decided by 75 delegates from the Kyambogo students fraternity to vote 7 contestants in the NUP primaries elections. Mandwa Elijah has managed to ganner 31 votes there by beating his opponents in the race.

The rest of the candidates who have not made it to the card have agreed all to rally behind Mandwa Elijah to claim the national unity platform victory in Kyambogo University. They thanked the NUP kyambogo chapter for organizing a free and fair election during the primaries. For the need to show the meaning of democracy, one candidate Bagire sharif who has been massively known as young Mandela decide to step down to give a Chance to other candidates.

Among other candidates are Suubi Isaac, tusiime sarah, Lamara gloria, Masawi Ivan, Banada peter.

Not to forget the NUP has dominated most of the public institutions and we are so hopeful that it will still make it in Kyambogo

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