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Meet Reach hand CEO Humphrey Nabimanya



Humphrey Nabimanya broke the record when he started up an NGO, Reach A hand Uganda at a young age. Today, the NGI is rated among the most effective in Uganda.
Reach A Hand, Uganda is a youth serving nonprofit organisation based in Uganda that focuses on youth empowerment programs with an emphasis on, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights of young people between the ages of 12–24 years including HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.

Since time memorial, Nabimanya has always been very artistic and creative and
today, Nabimanya uses art to tell a story of what a Ugandan youth goes through.
As a lover of knowledge he is constantly researching. Nourishing his intellect comes like second nature to him and that is a valuable asset that sets him apart.
People close to him say that he is always consumed by the idea of thinking creatively when it comes to the financial side of film. When he noticed that there’s a need for creatives or young people to start thinking more about the monetary value of their work other than them focussing on the aesthetics, his love for production was ignited.
He finally made his dream come true with the production of the first film under him dubbed ‘KYADALA’.
Kyaddala is a Ugandan drama television series by Reach a Hand Uganda. The first season was produced by Reach a Hand Uganda. Kyadala has 20 episodes with Nabimanaya as the executive Producer. The first episode was a success and when it was finally premiered, the movie changed a lot in the Ugandan film industry.
Kyadala set the film standards high in Uganda. Other seasoned Actors and Actresses borrowed a leaf and started venturing into such kind of storytelling. Kyadala season one was the most watched Movie in this millennial history.

According to close friends, Nabimanya is unstoppable and wants to take the film industry to another level globally. He is investing all the resources around him into the film industry. Rumor has it that he is also in the Kitchen cooking something big that will completely take over the industry.

Dealing with the youth has helped him know the life of a young person and what he actually needs to do to make it in life.
He has single handedly managed to change the mindset of the youth living with HIV that there is more to life than the disease.

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