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Why bobi’s son Solomon was suspended



According to the school’s disciplinary committee,

    • Bobi’s son Solomon Kampala was involved in acts of indiscipline incompatible with his status as a student of this school.

“Kyagulanyi Sekayi Solomon is therefore suspended from the college for two weeks with effect from Tuesday, 1st February 2022, basing the resolution to zero tolerance for indiscipline.” The letter reads further.

A close source to the Kyagulanyi family who preferred to remain anonymous revealed that Kampala was also suspended from the same school in 2018.

“On February 1, Sekayi was sent on suspension and was at his home with his parents for those two weeks,” the source said.

In a phone interview with a local news website, Brother Deodati Aliganyira, the headmaster of St Mary’s College confirmed that indeed Kampala was suspended from the college.

“It’s true, that case was handled and we gave the boy (Sekayi), the last warning. He was found with drugs wrapped in papers like cigarettes and a lighter. He was suspended. That’s where we stopped,” Aliganyira said.

Apparently, some staff members on the disciplinary committee wanted Kampala expelled from the school but their plan was blocked by officials from the Ministry of Education.

“This will serve as his last warning: should your son be involved in any form of indiscipline after the last warning, there will be no other alternative but only to go on indefinite suspension,” part of the letter sent to Bobi Wine and Barbie Kyagulanyi reads.

Solomon is to return to school on 15th February, 2022 along with his parents, Bobi Wine and Barbie Kyagulanyi and they were tasked to make fresh undertaking of obedience and compliance with school rules and regulations.
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