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Boda Boda industry declares it’s next move following the 7pm curfew still handcuffed on it



Today a press conference was held and was attended by the safe boda co founder and director Papa Thomson Ricky and representative from Tugende, In this conference the boda industry announced to walk to parliament in contest against the 7pm curfew regulation.

They claim that why did the president say he opened up the whole economy In his latest national address on COVID-19 situation in Uganda yet the boda industry is still handcuffed with curfew. This made them to seek for signatures from Ugandans who wish the Boda industry to work beyond 7pm.

Now the boda boda industry says due to the fact that a lot of Ugandans showed interest and signed the petition the E-Trade they’d like to inform the public and entire boda boda industry that they won’t let their voices go unheard.

The E-Trade Campaign of #BodaAfter7 received over 10,000 signatures calling for the removal of the 7pm curfew on Boda Bodas which according to them shows how a lot of people are being affected by the Curfew on Boda Bodas.

Therefore are ready and determined to take their petition to the parliament as a sign of showing dissatisfaction.

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