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KYU Nup chapter sets the presidential debate on Tuesday next week



National Unity Platform has been recognized among the parties that have a variety of presidential contestants in need of taking the party card in the 18th guild kyambogo polls despite of the defections and fighting of the party by the students who were once under it.

The presidential contestants include five gentlemen and two ladies and this brings the voters to question themselves who is the most competent one among them all. Among the candidates are Suubi Isaac,Banada,Masawi Ivan Bagiire Sharif or Mandu Mandwa Elijah,Tusiime Sarah (Sera) also known as the lady in the red jumper or and Lamara Gloria.
This debate will partly determine the most competent candidate to work for the students cause and sell the party ideas.
The debate will take place at students center on Tuesday 1st February starting from 2pm and it’s to be chaired by NUP Deputy Spokesperson Hon. Waiswa Mufumbiro.

Nup therefore calls upon every students of kyambogo to turn up come that day.

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