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UPDF soldier confesses to killing six people in Jinja Robberies



The weapons director,lance corporal John Nabinoli from the noncommissioned officers academy (NCOA) in Gaddafi barracks has confessed spearheading five separate shooting incidents within Jinja city.

This was witnessed by police forensic team and detectives led by the Kiira regional CID, Allan Twishime, revisited the shooting scenes, where Nabinoli explained how all the victims were attacked and killed. The first shooting was executed in October, 2020, where, Ronald Mawa, a security guard from Hash Security services limited was shot dead while guarding crested crane hotel.

Nabinoli did all these killings with Private Patrick Amandwa who is the armory guard at Gaddafi barracks. These were arrested last week for masterminding armed robberies in Jinja city.

These were detained at Nalufenya police for further interrogation however, on Friday morning,Nabinoli explained to police detectives how he had individually executed five shooting incidents in Jinja city.

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