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Famous Event Organizer Dj Dotcom sets to launch his 3rd edition Dotcom experience silent Disco in Banda



Dj Dotcom is among the famous male Djs that have taken the music industry by surprise and is currently among the best male DJs in the music industry. 
Dj Dotcom is Banda based Dj
He first appeared on the scene three years back but one can say his breakthrough came last year during the pandemics where he rose from nothing to a star, He is also the top Djs under the DJ association and she headlined the UG Mix Maestro campaign in northern Uganda. 

Dj Dotcom has played on various Kampala, University parties, carnivals, fresher’s balls and clubs such as; Amnesia, Nexus bar, happy boys, rumour bar, Nyondo bar, plan b among others.

Early life and education

DJ Dotcom’s biological name is Mwesige Humble. He started from Mandela S.S O’level and Mityana Modern School A’level.He later went to Kyambogo University where he pursued a degree in Business administrator.

DJ career

Dj Dotcom has a deejaying experience from Dj Khaled and Simple Simon this inspired him to join the music industry as a DJ. 
According to Dj Dotcom, he could play with his neighbors’ machines whenever he was not around before joining university, he decided to take on deejaying as a career when he joined the University.
He first established a network music in the music industry with who matter in the industry helped him in growing his career. They include DJ Mercy, DJ Roja, Douglas Lwanga, MC Kats and many more. 

As an upcoming DJ, he started with small clubs which are based in banda and in a way these clubs gave him exposure and experience to grow his career. 
His audience grew and he started playing for big clubs such as Amnesia, Nexus bar, rock bar, dynamic lounge, levels lounge, game lounge and many more. It’s through these nights that the owner of Dynamic lounge in Banda saw him and he recruited him as his night shows.

Dj Dotcom competed with the big boys in town in the music industry likes of Dj Roja  and he once featured on the big music TV shows as NBS after 5, NBS Katch Up and his playlists stood out when playing. He leads a group that has young DJs and emcees who hype his when he is playing.
Asked about the challenges DJs face, he says that DJs are not yet respected in society since the audience is only used to MCs which makes it hard for them to break through the industry. 

He also adds that DJs are looked at as unserious people who joined the industry to just waste time and it’s very hard for them to get gigs from promoters

Dj Dotcom says that he was inspired by Purple party the biggest teenage turn up party and followed by Ollo experience .Dj Dotcom aka Mwseiga Humble is 26 years old .

He narrated to us the benefits he achieved in the deejaying where he acquired an office, connection and friends .This changed his life the moment he chose to start being a Dj

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1 Comment

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