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Self Success-BOSS ” can be the metaphor to refer to a young man in his second year from the school of education BYAYESU AGRIPPA, very mistakes come along the way to the journey of self making but they are the errors of ambitious and truth is, Byayesu Agrippa had beat all the odds as history in his words, ” I am a man who hails from the ghettos of Kisenyi, one of the very few at the hill, but still one of the few willing to shine to give an inspiration to those still stuck and disadvantage in the slums, I will use my life to inspire before I expire”

Very many of you may be asking who Byayesu Agrippa is?
Let me tell you a small background of this young man you may have heard of for the first time in the recently concluded Guild race; Byayesu Agrippa a teacher trainee literature and English, in his first year, he was a Class representative for a joint class of foundation ” Sociology of Education ” and to us, here is where we get to know about this extremely hardworking and the man of the people, and in the same year, he was the Class representative of Literature which is done by Arts in Arts, Journalists, Education students and here was running a course unit that combines the college of humanities and the  school of education, he was overly exposed but he was still a down to earth guy.

He won the contest ” MR EDUCATION 2020-2021″ .
He served as Chief Editor MESA  with a rather moving slogan ” Instilling Positive Energy” and sources have it that he was behind the revolution actually he spear headed the overthrow of Hon. Ballinda  who was the E.C Chairman and had prolonged the voting with an intention of coming up with an interim government to orient the freshers, but Byayesu Agrippa together with a few colleagues he has gotten, fronted a demonstrate in a protest where they carried placards and Manila papers with statements like “We love you school of Education!, We need Equality and Voting to be organised!”  These and many statements and the next morning still MESA office was locked up but Hon. Ballinda cut the padlock, this didn’t last long until Byayesu Agrippa matched to the Office of the Dean and handed in a letter of their grievances, then an abrupt emergency meeting was held and the elections were organised and all the revolutionary figures Agrippa endorsed were un opposed and in Byayesu Agrippa’s famous poem ” The downfall of Bugdom” this story is economised but well spiced to tell how they overpowered the Bed bug kingdom.

Many know him a Mitchellite and he indeed made himself a name as some call him “Mitchell’s Favourite ” but in the capital city, he served as the Deputy Culture Minister, and a flag raiser of the Mitchell Hall Flag on occasions where Mitchell Hall was fronting something forexample during Ogutu Aaron’s Campaigns, he was the flag raiser and many Mitchellites still praise him for standing to protect the flag during their arrest at the Western Gate where the RGB fighters were arrested and caged up for 3 days, and it’s well put in Agrippa’s poem ” Three moons and suns”.

Byayesu Agrippa is a published poet, and his poetry collection is,” At the Crossroads ” that he published in August 2021 and his success on it was published in local newspapers like Daily Monitor, Red Pepper and Mt. Kenya New papers from Kenya.
He has sofar sold approximately 456 books at Ugshs 30,000 and people appreciate his style of writing, he is a creative chap!

He also took up a diploma in law and we expect his graduate soon from LDC.

Last year, he ran for Guild Presidency and he was the Forth of the eleven aspirants, he was the UYD flag bearer and the Mitchell Hall candidate and he was famous with his dancing campaign challenge that trended everywhere to all the corners of Makerere University and the other institutions, he also went by the famous slogan ” Sound of the trumpet “.
He was a Leader some say, he was a true revolutionary that Makerere University missed to have, but regardless he still serves in his capacity.

Apparently he is working tirelessly on a project for the slums, Sheema University Student’s Association where he was the General Secretary 2020-2021 and he organised a very successful match between Sheema and Rwampala students Makerere.

He also won the tricky campaigns at Mubs with his Candidate KIYEGA ROGERS the UYD flag bearer there, defeating famous NRM and NUP Makerere University Foot Soldiers.
He is a diehard of UYD, he is the Greenish Makerere we have at the hill and we hope, with this love, UYD and DP snores in his heart, at the very right hand side of his heart.

We are astonished with this young man’s progress, he is super hardworking and some call him a power house.
We shall continue to follow him up and may his life be an inspiration as he says.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Byayesu Agrippa

    January 17, 2022 at 5:51 pm

    Thanks so much Campus TV, it’s a pleasure.

    Hope my story can inspire many people out there.

    You are indeed a blessing

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