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UYD’s Kiyega Rogers wins Mubs election



Today 12 January 2022, the renown Makerere University Business School (MUBS) have finally elected Kiyega Edward as their new Guild President who came under the (UYD) Uganda Youth Democrats popularly known as Democratic Party.

The re- election of the guild president happened after the cancellation of the previously concluded exercise which wasn’t successful after a section of angry students decided to carry and disappear with the ballot box after being denied voting since their names weren’t seen on the voters list.

UYD’s flag bearer Rogers Kiyega gannered 874 votes beating the National Unity Platform’s Valetine Ogwang who emerged as the second runner up following NRM’s Nimrod Kakayi who came third.

Kiyega Rogers(1st runner up) got 874 votes casted in his favour while NUP’s Valetine Ogwang got 694 votes followed. The results were announced by the electoral commission at the MUBS playground.

DP’s triumph comes as a disappointment to National Unity Platform’s diehards who had anticipated to win the guild presidential race with a landslide victory following their lead in the opinion polls and their victory in the preceding guild elections.

MUBS guild elections had initially been scheduled for December 2021 but the same were cancelled after a section of voters ran away with a ballot box to reciprocate their anger as they had allegedly been denied a right to vote as their names had been missing on the ballot papers.

Rogers Kiyega awaits taking oath prior to officially taking over the guild presidential office from Ogwang Robinson.

DP’s victory poses a challenge on the National Unity Platform’s relevancy at the Nakawa-based business school.
According to results from the polls, MUBS students prioritized the Democratic Party as opposed to the National Unity Platform which has proved to be the students’ favourite political party since its establishment.

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