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Oppinion: MUBS Election Last nail in the less effort Wave Politics



MUBS students’ have refereed their aspiring leaders by the content of their manifestation and not their political inclination.

The victory of the Democratic Party/UYD at Makerere University’s affiliated Nakawa branch is perhaps one of the whiffs that very soon waves will not sweep anymore. Traditional political parties have often dragged their feet in the mad and tailed in University politics whenever new forces emerged.

Kiyeya Rogers President elect

Guild president elect Kiyega

Even when the new forces are represented by ideally incompetent faces, the waves spoke louder. In a hotly contested race at MUBS, UYD/DP the oldest party in Uganda showed up with a win trouncing the well-facilitated NRM candidate and National Unity Platform’s heavily guarded flag bearer in a twice contested race.

The culture has cropped up that institutions through political parties have learned to directly meddle and intrigue into each other’s politics. This is the wave modus operandi. Simply meaning, “if we had it in Makerere then you too must have it.”

This idea has not been welcomed by most university students and thus considered a form of imperialism and for MUBS and Kyambogo that were once part of Makerere as neo-colonialism.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Byayesu Agrippa

    January 13, 2022 at 8:53 am

    Personally I think that the elite class mere wanted to use the wave of fame of Kyagulanyi since he had mobilised the fan base as a musician so it would be easy to use the same musician to wave off the Junta.

    But it was a wrong move, now they are back to the true grounds of ideologies and who is the leader, not a fame-logy.

    This is the first trap of the winds and they will be trapped and stopped to blow anymore across the country and we shall have a rebirth of a Leader, a Leader who can sustain ideologies rather than showbiz .

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