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Mbarara Universty guild aspirants complains over the disappearance of thier campaigning materials



several guild presidential candidates at mbaarara University are in sorrow after finding out that their campaigning material was taken by unknown people.

Three candidates including Muyanja Isaac, Mayira Stuart and Mugenyi Jastus were surprised to find out that their banners were removed from where they had been placed.
’Today, our team woke up to shocking news of disappearance of our banners which we had just up for barely a day. This came a day after our team was involved in some blackmail. We encourage our team to remain steadfast, let no body break our resolve. We call upon all students to stay on the course,’’ Muyanja communicated to MUST students.
The National Unity Platform (NUP) mugenyi Justus condemned the acts directed to their candidates when their banners were removed without their consent.
However last week, the Dean of Students office cautioned all guild aspirants on pasting their campaigning material on unauthorized places. In the letter copied to all guild aspirants, all contestants were encouraged to use banners and station them in specific positions around the university.

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