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Exclusive : A student blasts NBS Television for wishing MUK students success in their Exams.



A couple of hours back, their has been an attack on the Naguru based station on the post they recently shared on their social media handles.

The station posted wishing Makerere University students success in their exams which they lately started on monday.

This post has left many of non Muk students angry and low. A section of some unsatisfied social media in laws have decided to attack the station.

According to them, NBS Television has upgraded its habbit of ignoring the issues of other Universities and only focuses on Makerere University.

As soon as NBS posted, a one Nowamani Innocent rashed in the comment section and wrote unsatisfying message to the station.

Innocent said that NBS only talks about Makerere issues and ignores other Universities like Kyambogo, UCU, Mbarara University. Innocent continued that not studying from the over rates University doesnt mean they didn’t study.

Innocent ” NBS mututamiza Nokusoma. What is Makerere, what makes makerere to be so much different from other universities. Pliz we even have other good universities like Kyambogo, UCU, Mbarara University but you don’t give them attention. Pliz mututamiza nokusoma, murowoza abatasomerayo tetwasoma!! Next time I want a post from you saying UCU students started exams yesterday, other universities matter.”

Mak Eye- campus dj

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