Wall of Fame:Meet kyambogo Universty’s Ainomugisha Pelse GRC aspirant

 Wall of Fame:Meet kyambogo Universty’s Ainomugisha Pelse GRC aspirant

Ainomugisha Pelse is a second year student at kyambogo University Persueing a bachelor degree in Education literature and English.
She got the name ‘iron lady’ after always being on the Frontline of 17th kyambogo Universty’s guild president campaigns.

Pelse sights her mother as a role model for her desire to serve people and create a better and comfortable campus life for her colleagues.

“My inspiration interms of Life,my Mom is my biggest inspiration , hard working , with no hatred and having agenerosity heart in amale dominated world.” Pelse added


She likes,reading books, listening to music ,chills and travelling and she hopes of achieving her dream one day by becoming a great leader.
When we asked pelse about what annoys her,she responded, “generally i don’t creat room for things to annoys me, I like moving on from stress.”
She continued, my inspiration to serve as aguild representative at the students council, there are various loop holes in Faculty of Arts and social science (FASS) that are hindering the academic progress of students and these have inspired her to come up and fix them.

Unlike other beauty queens at the University,pelse is not on any social Media Plateform that is to say Facebook, Twitter and Instagram reason being someone tried to hack into her social media accounts and this made her to block all of them.

Pelse believes that she is the best leader to represent students at the guild council and she advocated all students at FASS to vote for her when that time comes.

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Daisy k
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