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Male Mabirizi lines up alist of witnesses to pin out pastor buyingo



Bugingo’s wife, Teddy Naluswa, filed a case on December 9, last year, at Kawempe Police Station, accusing pastor bugingo of committing the offence of bigamy,however he denied any offence of bigamy as reported by his wife.Teddy filed the case in her capacity as the lawful wife of Bugingo.
According to sources, Bugingo told Police that he only honoured the invitation by the family for merrymaking.Bugingo went ahead and refuted all the claims, saying he was invited as a guest by Makula’s family.

Meanwhile, Entebbe Grade One Magistrate Stella Okwong Paculal, has summoned Bugingo and Makula to appear in court on January 21, to answer charges of contracting a marriage by customary law.
The case at Entebbe Magistrate’s Court was filed by lawyer Mabirizi as private prosecution to have Bugingo and Makula prosecuted on grounds that they contracted illegal marriage. Mabirizi said contracting marriage by customary law when there is an existing one is against the law, under section 50 of the Marriage Act.

Lawyer male Mabirizi has come up with the list of witnesses to testify against pastor Aloysius bugingo.According to Mabirizi, the witnesses include senior pastor Simeon Kayiwa of Namirembe Christian Fellowship; Nyombi Thembo, the director of rural communications development fund at the Uganda Communications Commission; businessman Frank Gashumba and former MP Kato Lubwama.
“I request that you avail the information in your possession relating to the invitation, if any, the nature, scope and purpose of the ceremony you attended. I will also be requiring your personal attendance in court so that you can give evidence on what you saw, did and perceived by your senses after which be cross-examined by Bugingo and Makula,” Mabirizi said in a letter to Kayiwa.
In a telephone interview, Mabirizi said failure to comply with the order to testify will tantamount to contempt of court (disrespecting lawful court orders).
He said the final decision to appear in court will be communicated to them at an appropriate time.
“If they refuse to testify, I will move court under sections 94 and 96 of the Magistrates’ Court Act (MCA) to have them compelled to appear in court,” Mabirizi said.

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