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Makerere University:Freshers’ Orientation and Registration for 2021/2022 Academic Year



Orientation Week:
Getting used to a new place can be pretty daunting, but that is what orientation week is all about; getting to know your surroundings, meeting students and staff members. This makes you feel comfortable enough to hit the ground running when the semester starts. It is a great chance for you to familiarize yourself with the University.
The orientation week is set to be carried out on Saturday 29th January, 2022 to Friday 4th February, 2022 (7 Days).

Semester One will commence on Saturday 5th February, 2022 to Saturday 15th May, 2022 (14 Weeks)

Semester Two will also commence on Monday 30th May, 2022 to Sunday 4th September, 2022 (14 Weeks)
During this week, arrangements are made to enable the Freshers meet and be addressed by Key Officers, Wardens and Student Leaders who welcome the students.
Arrangements are also made to enable the Freshers acquaint themselves with such key facilities at the University like the Library, University Hospital, Games and Recreation Facilities etc.
Freshers are expected to take advantage of the week to survey and acquaint themselves with the general Campus lay out. Another major activity during the Orientation Week is Registration.
All Freshers must ensure that they are registered first centrally and then with each of their respective Colleges/Schools/Departments/Halls.

Saturday 29th January, 2022- Friday 4th February,2022
Resident Freshers report to their respective halls of residence or private hostels by 5.00 p.m. It is the responsibility of each student to make his/her own travel arrangements to the University or private hostel.
Monday 31st January, 2022 to Friday 4th February, 2022 will be orientation for all Freshers at Colleges/Schools.
During this period all Freshers shall report to their respective Colleges for meetings with the University officials starting at 9.00 am every day. College Principals and Registrars will issue the orientation programmes for their Colleges.

For a candidate to be considered a bonafide student of the University, he/she must be registered. Registration is a mandatory requirement of the University which must be done within the first two (2) weeks from the beginning of the semester by every student. Privately sponsored students will pick their original admission letters after payment of 60% tuition and all functional fees from their respective colleges.
Registration will commence on Monday 31st January, 2022 starting at 9.00 a.m. each day at the respective Schools.
Ensure that you complete all the required registration formalities within the prescribed time in order to avoid disappointments later. College/School Registrars will provide registration programmes.

Registration Requirements

Admission to Makerere University is a provisional offer made on the basis of the statement of your qualifications as presented on your application form. The offer is subject to verification of your academic documents and payment of university fees.
For registration purposes, all first year students MUST produce their original documents.
The fees structure for privately sponsored students is attached to their provisional admission letters.
In the meantime the fees structure for 2021-2022 Academic Year and academic policies can be viewed from the university website at​.

All freshers MUST have laptop computers as one of the essential tools for study purposes for their programmes.

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