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President Museveni to address the nation on Friday



Lydia Nabusayi Senior Presidential Press Secretary yesterday confirmed and noted that the President will address the nation at 8:00 pm from Rwakitura, in Kiruhura District.
Lydia said that the address will be live on all Radios and Televisions within the country.
The announcement comes a day after Museveni met the COVID-19 task force team led by Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja on Monday in Rwakitura and a surge of new COVID-19 infections across the country.
The the news that came out In the Monday meeting, both the task force and the President agreed that the economy fully re-opens in January 2022 in sequences despite a surge in Covid-19.
The Public will be eager to know which sectors will be re-opened on January 1, 2022.
Its remembered that in March last 2020, President Museveni announced a nationwide lockdown in a bid to halt the spread of covid-19. President Museveni closed all the Educational Institutions, suspended communal prayers in mosques, churches and other open-air venues; stop all public political rallies, cultural gatherings or conferences, among others.
He also shut down the bars and entertainment centers.
Even though some of the restrictions were later lifted and schools and the public allowed to resume, in June this year the President shut down schools again and suspended public gatherings after the country faced a surge of infections in a second COVID-19 wave.
Schools have since remained closed ever since then though they are now resume in January/10/2022’as the final decision made by the ministry of education and sports .
Among the sectors of the economy,the most affected one however, is the entertainment sector including drinking joints that have remained closed since March last year.

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