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Finally: Ugandan government to reopen Schools next year 2022



The higher education state minister Dr Chrysostom Muyingo on Friday confirmed that schools will reopen a week later on January 10.

“You are aware that we have been opening the education sector in phases. In September, we opened medical and health training institutions, followed by universities and other tertiary institutions on November 1,” he said.

“Now, the rest of the classes, including primary and secondary, will fully reopen on January 10,” Muyingo added.

He said the ministry has concluded its plans to reopen and that it is ready to implement them.

In addition, he said, the plan will be shared with Parliament and later the public.

“We are now asking you, parents, to prepare. Schools will be reopening just after the festive season and, therefore, we need to be ready. Do not squander funds, spend sparingly and save for reopening,” Muyingo said.

“This is the time to buy books, school uniforms, shoes and prepare our children schools reopening. We also ask parents to offer guidance and counseling to our children. This will prepare their minds to return to school,” he said.
However on 10th January,the ministry of education drafted afinal calender for schools to reopen in Jan January_10_2022
Below is the revised academic of calendar;

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