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IUEA Students battle staff in a football match



Since the Covid-19 outbreak in 2019, the International University of East Africa (IUEA) hosted its first ever Staff-Vs-Students match. Students expected that they would beat the famed staff/management 0-8 in a game that ended 1-1.

After 45 minutes of intense shoots at fruitless targets in both nets, the first half of the game was left hanging at 0-0.

Players during a break

William Newberry, a Liberian student from the faculty of science and technology, transformed the game with a fortuitous goal that everyone celebrated five minutes after the game resumed for the second half. Dr. Kelechi Ukaedwu, a university lecturer, had an incredible run and gave the staff team a gift by scoring an equalizer just before the final whistle.

The university Vice Chancellor, Prof. Emeka Akaezuwa, and Resident Director, Mr Hassan Alwi, ran boldly after the ball in a turquoise green pair of jersey, surprising spectators.

Resident Director, Hassan Alwi taking a bold run

Prof. Emeka advised students and staff to make time for such activities whenever possible.
“It’s healthy to participate in sports, have some time off classroom, off work and just come to the field to have fun… this will help us keep in touch and grow together as a family.” Emeka said.

He went on to say that students with remarkable abilities, particularly in sports and innovation, are given scholarships to recognize their accomplishments. The institution also provides scholarships to intelligent vulnerable young women and excellent academic performance.

When schools reopen next year, the university hopes to reinstate seasonal interfaculty sports events, with a trophy on the line for the winning faculty.

Staff and student players

IUEA Reporter: Evaline Alum

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