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One on one with Ayebare Phillip Bravo the incoming UCU guild president



Whenever the guild polls are approaching, a handful of resilient students pose themselves to aspire for the top most seat. Unlike in the past moments where the polls would have Mafias on dead years, the constitutional amendments have this time round ended that trend.

The charismatic outspoken composed student is already the talk of the Mukono hills and the neighboring communities even before he has published his campaign posters. His presence alone in the race has frightened the would be opponents who are all fearing to unleash their declarations.

Like the great rhetoric of Martin Luther King,Ayebare Phillip Bravo is the kind of diplomat that speaks and entices the dissent to bear a second thought on what he utters. He comes with a students’ centred manifesto and he is ready to reinvigorate the ailing glory of UCU

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