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Nyanjura Doreen Receives 200 Million from University Council to Hand over to Obeid Kamulegeya ahead of Todays Election .



Our snoops have landed on documents and receipts dumped at her office table in the early hours of this day._

The Makerere University Lord Councillor, deputy Lord Mayor and former resident of Mary Stuart Hall. Her Lordship Doreen Nyanjura has been glimpsed in a plot to meddle the university council in students’ politics.

Doreen has been sited in possessing documents linking her to a the above indictments. Nyanjura is reportedly working around the clock to secure a malicious win for her party candidate Obeid at all costs no matter the direction she may assume.

This action has so much disappointed the students’ fraternity which has always trusted her and sacrificed a lot for her victory. The documents in her possession include letter written by the secretary and addressed to the university bursar. Other items included am paid off receipts signed and stamped by the university bursar approving receipt of 200millions with reasons of funding the candidature of Obeid Kamulegeya.

Unaware of this unveil, the excited Nyanjura rushed to her WhatsApp status and assured her contacts of victory. The students folk at Makerere has over time complained of the monetization and intervention of administration in their political affairs but this seems not to end any sooner.
Wait for more updates as we dig deep into the story.

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