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Floods hit kyambogo University students residing in kasenyi banda



Kyambogo University students residing in Banda-kasenyi faced inundation after heavy rain which started at around 3am flooded into their hostels and destroyed their things.
“We woke up late night only to see water which peeped into our bed room,we had to lift our mattresses and gadgets to safe guard them from damage.” Tom Asiimwe reveals

According to the reports, alot of things were damaged and destroyed mostly electronic devices such as phones,TV, woofers, among others such as food,and books.
However amidst such challenge, others students staying in upper Banda are blaming fellow affected students for going in for cheap hostels.
Reports indicate that whenever it rains heavily, students face such challenges of water entering into because of the area being located within the swamp .
The affected students therefore are calling for the immediate help from the University.

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