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Rugumayo Roy Kusemererwa was born in Bunyangabu to Mr. Kusemererwa Patrick and Ceophus Kusemererwa.
He started his education at St. Cecilia Kindergaten in Nairobi.
He proceeded to join Kisomoro primary school and completed his primary education at Kibiito Primary school, both schools in the native district of Bunyangabu.

After passing his primary leaving examinations, he was admitted at St. peters SSS Nsambya where he finished his o’level studies four years after.
In 2014,he joined Our Lady of Good Counsel Gayaza for Advanced Level education and after two years, he passed among the top students of his class.
He is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology at Makerere University.

Roy Rugumayo started leadership and service at an early stage in his life.
He was voted for and served as a class monitor in P.1 and continued to be overwhelmingly voted for in that position till P.3.
He was voted for as information prefect in P4, and Assistant Head boy in P.6.
In S.1, he was voted for as a class monitor.
He went ahead to represent his class to the school council in S.2 and in S.3 was voted for as Academics Prefect.
While in O’level, he served as the vice president of the Debate club and an active member of the patriotism club.

In A’level at Our Lady of Good Counsel Gayaza, he served as the chief Judge of the students’ Disciplinary Committee.
He additionally served as the President of the Debate Club (which he led to the finals of the national Quiz championship after years of none performance), Vice President of the Uganda Martyrs Club among other responsibilities.

At Makerere University he was elected as a delegate representing University Hall in the Uganda Young Democrats.
He went ahead to become the speaker of the UYD Makerere Chapter and spearhead two Guild Presidential bids one of which (Kinene Edward Ssemakula) came second and the other, (Julius Kateregga) was successful.

He served as the president of the School of Psychology where he advocated for better study facilities and streamlined relations between the student leadership with management at the school.

He is the Vice President of the East African Students Union, an umbrella organisation bringing together Students from the various member states of the East African Community.


The Uganda National Students’ Association is an umbrella that brings together students in the post primary stages of education in Uganda. Its membership is approximately 15 million students across the secondary schools, institutions of higher learning and Universities.

The position of General Secretary is very paramount in the running of the Association. It plans and controls the day to day activities of the union.

The general secretary is mandated to be in charge of matters pertaining to the search for relevant education system in Uganda as provided for in UNSA objectives and coordinate all inter guild activities.

Roy Rugumayo has a vast amount of experience that would be pivotal in reviving the glory of UNSA to make it impactful and relevant in the current times.
He is known for his advocacy for affordable education that would be relevant in the ever increasing cost of education in Uganda.
He is well placed to attract corporate and government funding for UNSA through his abilities as a strategic negotiator whose contribution in the halting of the tuition increment at Makerere University can never go without mention.

In the current dispensation, there is no better person to serve the students of Uganda as general Secretary of UNSA than the hardworking, innovative, well connected and intelligent Rugumayo Roy Kusemererwa.

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