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Kenyan president lifts the curfew time



Kenyan president HE.Uhuru Kenyatta has lifted the curfew hours which has been from 10pm to 4am. The curfew was imposed in March last year to contain the spread of covid 19 and in East Africa, Kenya was the first country to get the virus.
During the celebration of Kenya National holidays,the president Said the infection has fallen to 5% with the daily positivity rate dropping in the last two weeks.He therefor ordered the National task Force to vacate with the immediate effect.
However in the Neighboring countries like Uganda,the curfew hour is still from 7pm to 5am,with the reopening of upper level schools on November 1st, Ugandans are hopping that president will extend the hours from 7pm to 9pm and
It’s also remembered that the second closure of schools was in June .

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