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Museveni’s Satirical Side Chick Summoned by ISO Boss Over Poem



Ashaba Anna also known as Ashana is a fresh graduate from Makerere University that staked in literature, English language, and Education. The former has been summoned by the Director General of ISO LT. Gen Emmy Katabazi for for talks over a poem making rounds over the internet. For the overwhelming satire embedded.

This form of writing is best alluded to the great works of the Iris political satirist Jonathan Swift and his essay. Ashana satirizes the need to open schools by ridiculing and assuming a relationship with the president. As a common practice, lovers would easily listen to the suggestions of their spouse more than any other individuals that approach them with suggestions.

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I will deny him conjugal rights if he doesn’ t open schools
Ashana Anna wrote her poem with a strong connotation that needs not any plain interpretation like a romantic relationship with Uganda’ s fountain of honor, H. E Yoweri Museveni. Being a young educator and an activist, Ashana is disturbed by the continued closure of schools that has caused teenage pregnancies and diversions across the country. She believes that having this title for her essay would quickly sell her message to the target audience without necessarily carrying placards to protest the closure of schools.
” I want to be Museveni’ s side chic so that during those cozy moments, I tell him that the thought
charged for action, I tell him that the education crisis dried my feelings. I can’ t even fake
q schools still closed turns me off. I want to let him touch touch me slow and then when he’ s
anything. I want to promise to do him all he wants as long as schools are reopened.
want to be Museveni’ s side chic so that when he asks me what car I need, I ask for an
I want to be Museveni’ s side chic. I want to kiss his ears, gently squeeze his nipples, and whisper
I want to be Museveni’ s side chic so that after reading a poem for him, I tell him that censorship,
Ekaraamu tejunda muzeyi. You may imprison the people but you can’ t imprison the spirit of
I want to be Museveni’ s side chic so that when we go for a weekend getaway to graze cows; I
I want to be Museveni’ s side chic so that when he buys me an unlimited data bundle, I thank him
reusable pads, I could get enough capital to make this social enterprise grow and benefit many a
gives me as a sugar daddy to do give back activities to the community. I know how to make
and technology, we need to advance with it zdaddy.
and then request him to have the 12% tax on data removed. The world is advancing in science
exchanges. Daddy, maybe you should reconsider opening bars too.
sweet- talk him into having all the political prisoners released. I want to remind him that those
arrest, torture, and imprisonment of writers is inhumane, cowardly an act and violation of rights.
ambulance instead and give it away to one of the hospitals. I want to start using the money he
young men who were unjustly arrested have families to whom they are so dear just like the way
his cows are dear to him.
to him that that boy on Twitter keeps embarrassing the family every time he gets into keyboard
writing. I want to tell him to take the writings as a challenge to make improvements for the
girl child out there.
betterment of the nation. ”

The continued detention of political opponents and the need for the president to find peace in relinquishing power in a peaceful transition would be the topics for the bedtime stories between Ashana and her lover.

Satire as a Form of Liberal Activism
Satire has for time immemorial been used to have a liberal approach to voicing challenges that affect people. The last imagination that anyone would have is for such a beautiful fresh graduate would fall for an aging statesman.

The plain reader would be quick at blowing tantrums and casting spells at the author. Quite often this form of literature has been popular with the research don Dr. Stella Nyanzi in her infamous poem the Vagina that she wrote at Museveni’ s 74th birthday earning her a year’ s jail term.

” I wish the infectious dirty- brown discharge flooding Esiteri’ s [Museveni’ s mother’ s] loose püssy had drowned you to death / Drowned you as vilely as you have sunk and murdered the dreams and aspirations of millions of youths who languish in the deep sea of massive unemployment, and under- employment (sic) in Uganda. ”

Common Reactions to Satirical Works like Ashana’ s poem.
Writivism just as the mother activism is swiveling on the art of satire. These are usually under comprehensive censorship and the victims invariably suffer conviction and often the victims win the cases against the plaintiffs.
Kakwenza Rukirabashaija is a profound author known for his book the Banana Republic and the Greedy Barbarian. He was arrested twice in a row for his works that many interpreted as a direct insult to the peace of the president.

The public’ s reaction to the poem, ” I Want to be Museveni’ s Side Chick” did not get in- depth of tantrums because the author was direct to what she needed to tell her audience unless one was only interested in the title. The kisses and all other romantic sentiments would not appeal to the moralists but the writer’ s intention would swivel beyond them to the message that is entirely liberal and questing for reforms in the Covid19 education policies and political policies.

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