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Breaking News : kyambogo university Guild president impeached two of his close “cabinet mininsters”



H.E Mbaziira John Snr moves to impeach two of his close allies that is Hon. Nkurunziza Alphonse (Dep. Guild Prime Minister) and Hon. Kamya Carlos (Guild Minister for Ethics and Integrity).
Sources linked to this reporter revealed that the dou are accused of lack of collective responsibility as Hon Nkurunziza Alphonse has been faulted for speaking about the incompetent new Acmis students portal system and the media appearances via BBS Terefayina on 1st September in which he together with fellow leaders advocated for a safe school reopening as pressure mounted from Kyambogo University Students.
– Recently, Nkurunziza Alphonse was seen on BTM TV advocating for justice for the students that missed out on graduation.
-He is also faulted for disruption of rules of procedures for cabinet meetings and grave indiscipline in which Hon Nkurunziza Alphonse trashed these as efforts of black mail and sabotage based on individual intetests.
Below is the letter to Alphonso GRC

Hon. Kamya Carlos is faulted of abandoning ministry duties and failure of attending cabinet meetings of which he (Carlos) dismissed these allegations as disruptions caused by the Covid 19 lockdown brought guild activities at a stand still.
When both asked about their willingness to resign, they said it was to their favour as people made them but not offices and thus would Continue executing and serving the interests of the students and could not bow down to individual interests by
John Snr whose motives are not yet clear.

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