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Girls not attend secondary schools in afghanistan



The taliban government in afghanistan has banned girls from attending secondary school and this comes after Government announces re-opening of high schools for boys on friday but did not mention the girls which means boys will be back at their studies next week after a one-month hiatus, while their sisters will still be stuck at home.
According to Kate Clark, co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, she said that Education and literacy are so strongly valued in Islam that the Taliban could not ban girls schools on Islamic grounds, so they always said they would open them when security improved. It never did. They never opened the schools,and she condermed the talinban for such an incident because they also need equal rights as boys.

Despite this, its leaders have already effectively barred the majority of Afghan women from work for the last month, calling their male colleagues back into offices but saying security conditions mean it is not safe for women.

That reason was used to prevent women from working for the entire five-year period the group controlled Afghanistan in the 1990s. Now, as then, only some women in the health and education sectors are back at their jobs.However, the Taliban are now in charge of a capital, and a country, very different from the war-battered city they took over in 1996. They are likely to face strong pushback from women, including older students, and the many Afghan fathers and brothers who want the women in their families to get an education.
The edict also makes Afghanistan the only country on earth to stop girl from getting a secondary education.

Source_The gurdian

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