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Uganda warned : Covid 19 third wave coming



All the signals indicate the emergency of a third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic
according to technocrats at Ministry of Health. Dr. Monica Musenero, the senior presidential adviser on epidemics, warned that they are already witnessing signals of the third wave and it is likely to be perilous than the recent waves.

It’s just a moment ago when we were wallowing in the fatalities and destruction that came along with the second wave of the pandemic but if we are already violating the standard operating procedure then perhaps we got nothing from that dark appalling times of the second wave. Henceforth if the manacle is on government to avail vaccines to the population, observing standard operating procedures is an individual responsibility.

Everyone must continually play their part in this war against disease and death. Yes, the third wave is anticipated but it would be unfortunate if we exacerbated it with carelessness and complacency.

It is human nature to get bored with following these guidelines but if they are part of our artillery against Covid-19 then it is worth it. So, in as much as it might be exhausting to put on a mask, maintain social distance, sanitise and wash hands, don’t stop.



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