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Bobi Wine Asks Government to revisit The 2019 Kaka Bagyenda Report On the Masaka Murders.



Following the escalating cases of murder in Greater Masaka region, the National Unity Platform president Robert Kyagulanyi has come up to share his mind on the same through his social media handles. The public has for long waited to hear a word from the former presidential candidate. According to observers, Bobi Wine has over time been the the greatest reminder of the government in implementing most of her obligations.

“A couple of weeks ago, Museveni held a televised address and said that he had “wiped out” the masterminds of similar serial killings that occurred in the region in 2018. Referring to them as “stupid pigs”, Museveni specifically mentioned Kiddawalime and Galiwango as having masterminded the attacks at that time, and assured the country that they had been permanently “defeated”.

In June this year, Gen. Museveni paraded before the nation a one Resty Nakyambadde who narrated a version of events leading to the death of Kiddawalime that contradicted an account she gave to the media more than two years ago. In April 2018, Nakyambadde claimed that Kiddawalime broke into her house as she was sleeping and started demanding for money before she raised an alarm which attracted neighbours who killed Kiddawalime. In June this year, she claimed that Kiddawalime entered her house and attempted to force himself onto her but she requested him to first let her wash her dirty feet — to which he allegedly agreed and even had the luxury of taking naked photos of her while she showered!

In April 2019, an intelligence report confirmed by the then ISO Director-General Kaka Bagyenda implicated the same Resty Nakyambadde and a police officer as having been part of the team behind the serial murders. The ISO report claimed that Nakyambadde and the police officer had caused the killing of Kiddawalime. According to Bobi Wine, The officers murdered the suspect to conceal their own culpability in the heinous crimes after convincing him to escape from Court where he was being tried for the serial murders! An interesting turn of events saw Nakyambadde being recruited as a nurse into Museveni’s private militia the SFC, while Kaka Bagyenda was removed from ISO.”
Bobi wine concluded by condoling with the families of the bereaved.
“My thoughts today are with the residents of Masaka sub-region where the mystery murder of residents by unknown assailants has resumed; two years after a similar spate of serial killings in the same area.”

This area has for the past two years been a centre of gross extra judicial murders that in the past the president claimed to have cracked down through his constant security addresses on television.

At the time, the press ha s so far reported a number of 24 victims hacked to death in a period of less than a month with the last two victims in the previous night.

Among the victims is 87-year-old EDiriisa Mukasa, a resident of Kikungwe Village, Masaka city; and a 6-year-old child only identified as Barbra who was murdered on Friday with her grandmother Joyce Nantale (64) in Bwasa village – Lwengo District. Mzee Diriisa was found outside his house lying in a pool of blood after having been hacked with a hoe that was then abandoned besides his body.

“It is intriguing that the assailants target the most vulnerable residents, and seem to be only after their victims’ life and nothing else. Indeed, the media quoted Mzee Dirisa’s neighbours as saying that he ‘‘was not a rich man and the killers took nothing from his house.’’

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