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New Trend: Ugandan Couple Celebrates Divorce Together



Immaculate Nantongo is an entrepreneur behind a number of trending businesses in Uganda. She is the brain behind the `Fabulous Home Festival’ and ‘My Fabulous Home’ community on Facebook. She also owns the Flawless Skin Care products brand and co-owns Pizza King; a fast foods place with pizza as its flagship serving. Nantongo and her lover broke up a couple of years ago but unlike other couples, the pair seems to have kept the closest and most healthy relationship.
The pair has surprized many netizens when they set up a small festivity to celebrate the anniversary of their failed marriage. They pair have kids that many think could have kept them along as friends for the time.

According to many facebook inlaws, this relationship is not a reality. The couple is either still seeing each other in an adulterous way or they are still lovers because no couple would enjoy a broken marriage with kids.

Nantongo posted photos of her and her ex at the party holding her divorce certificate with a caption,
“So finally my divorce is final yeeeeeeey after 6yrs of separation. Today I choose to celebrate an end of something that resulted into two handsome boys. I celebrate the friendship ,the co parenting and the maturity. 7yrs ago I didn’t know we would be at this place sitting together and sharing a meal .how time heals everything… Deciding to let go of the hurt, betrayal and choosing to forgive wasn’t a simple thing but I did and we are in the best place we could ever be

Am not here to glamorize divorce but to tell anyone in a similar situation, divorce is not the end of life. You can still be civil with your ex. Life can still be beautiful but also to let you know that God is not mad at you. Yes he hates divorce but he loves you so much.

No parent would want their child to endure or be killed in a relationship just for the sake of it. If we earthly parents want the best for our kids how about God our father?

God hates divorce for what it does to people, it breaks up families but in the midst of your divorce you can choose to make the most out of your situation. Co parent better. It’s all about giving your kids the best opportunities in life. Making the best decisions for them.

So for one last time, we came together to celebrate the life we had and the individual lives we live.
Happy divorce day to us and to the next chapter of my life
Romans 8:28

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