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Just in :Guild presidents demands for reopening of schools



Today Guild presidents from different universities, Kyambogo-Mbaziira John, Makerere’s Ssempijja Ivan, MTAC’s Ewalu Deo, MUBS’ Ogwang Robinson and Muteesa 1 Royal’s Male Ashiraf while Namara Claire and Noela Awal from Kyambogo and Makerere held apress conference demanding the ministry of education and sports to reopen schools. The guid presidents gave the minister 30 days either to attend to their issue or resign.
According to letter, the combined presidents demand the government to consider priotising fixing meseses in the education system through;
1.Issuing out a comprehensive timely plan for mass vaccination of students and teachers within 30 days, failure of which, the Ministers of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health must “resign“.
2.All institutions of learning must Administer all pending examinations.
3.Bridging the funding gap by availing resources geared towards the re opening of schools. This can be done by supporting schools with personal protective equipment and upgrading their health infrastructures.
4.Creation of a stimulus package for the members of the education sector such as Teachers, and other beneficiaries.
They therfor appealed to the local leaders, parliamentarians to use their mandeta to ensure that schools are priotised for reopening and funding for schools in palace of continued learning.

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