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How Come The Taliban Own American Guns?



Report by: Mordecai Eyobu (activist)
There is a lot of suspicions that arise from the Biden policy over Afghanistan. On a clear look at most images, the Taliban militants are in possession of American M16 rifle weapons that are being used to torture and kill innocent Afghanistans.This arises suspicion of how these acquire such weapons in time of such a war. Could there be a sign of double standards in this war.

In the 2018 assassination attempt on Uganda’s opposition leader. It is reported that an American gun was used to shoot at his car in the driver’s seat where the former was previously sited. The bullet docked at his drivers chest shuttering him to death.

The NATO that is now functioning as a human rights police on behalf of UN should consider checking the supply of arms to the hands of reckless militants.

In as much as we appreciate the Humanitarian works of the NATO by US, Britain, and Turkey to save the Women and children in Kabul. It is also wise to check on the supply of arms.

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